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AlejTech CMS

AlejTech CMS — a content management system for your website — is the key product of AlejTech.
Keeping your website up-to-date, managing and editing your content has never been so easy.

AlejTech CMS is a custom solution developed by experienced professionals. We can easily accomodate your requests and the needs of your website.

Whenever you wish to upgrade and expand your website, you can purchase an activation of one of the many AlejTech CMS additional modules, or have the desired functions programmed afresh.

AlejTech CMS is one of the most advanced solutions on Slovak market. Combining technology and comfortable prices — AlejTech CMS is ideal for individuals and companies of every size and every target audience.

Main advantages of AlejTech CMS:

  • prominent savings in operation costs
  • editing a website is simple and instantaneous
  • working with the system is straight-forward and easy to learn
  • adding a webpage of any type in mere two steps
  • CMS can be accessed in all common web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera...)
  • the system generates valid XHMTL complying with W3C standards
  • extensive SEO — Search Engine Optimization

Satisfying customers is our goal

We developed AlejTech CMS to be user-friendly and our customers appreciate its convenient features. The system is enjoyed by many former users of other content management systems on the market.

AlejTech CMS utilizes several in-built SEO features and tools to create a modern website:

  1. webpage title in title bar — every webpage included in your website can be set to have an individual title which provides better results in search engines
  2. the URLs shown in the address bar of web browsers contain a specific title of each page
  3. our websites are XHTML and CSS valid
  4. our websites use keywords and descriptions for individual pages and the website as a whole

CMS overview

A Content Management System (abbrevated CMS) is a tool to manage the content of a given structure — in this instance the content of a website. It allows users to organize, create and edit web based documents and other content of a website.

A CMS generally utilizes a specific client-side software to manage content or an online interface accessible via a standard web browser, as AlejTech CMS does. This makes your website editable from any location with internet access. A CMS can also be called a Web Content Management system — a WCM system.

AlejTech CMS is built on Microsoft Asp.Net 3.5 C# platform and utilizes a MS SQL 2012 database. For user convenience the AJAX technology is implemented to allow for quick changes without the need to reload the whole content of your browser.

Your new website awaits.

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