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AlejTech CMS contains a multitude of modules. Choose how you want your website to work and find out the combination of modules that work for you. Ee can advise you on which modules to implement.

Configure the following pricelist for the desired functionality in different combinations of modules. The final price is being displayed in a floating object at the bottom of your screen. 

The final price does not include graphic design. Approximate price of creating a unique graphic design ranges from € 500 for a simple web page to € 3500 for a comprehensive portal solution. Or you can choose among predefined templates for free.

Contact us to find out more for our graphic design work and quotes.

Basic packages without VAT with VAT
New website, project activation * New website, project activation * ?239.00 €286.80 €
Website redesign, project activation * Website redesign, project activation * ?49.00 €58.80 €

Included in the basic package are without VAT with VAT
Navigation Navigation ?incl. in Activationincl. in Activation
Static pages Static pages ?incl. in Activationincl. in Activation
WYSIWYG Editor WYSIWYG Editor ?incl. in Activationincl. in Activation
File Manager File Manager ?incl. in Activationincl. in Activation
SEO - Search Engine Optimization SEO - Search Engine Optimization ?incl. in Activationincl. in Activation
Styling for print Styling for print ?incl. in Activationincl. in Activation

New website activation or a redesign activation consists of creating the project in AlejTech CMS, filling ten pages with content, AlejTech CMS user training and the free CMS modules listed above. We can also add and fill more pages by request (5,90 € without VAT or 7,08 € with VAT per page).

Manage your articles, news and blogs without VAT with VAT
Article category Article category ?169.00 €202.80 €
News News ?59.00 €70.80 €
Related articles Related articles ?49.00 €58.80 €
RSS RSS ?49.00 €58.80 €
RSS feed RSS feed ?69.00 €82.80 €

Image and photo galleries without VAT with VAT
Image gallery / Photogallery Image gallery / Photogallery ?59.00 €70.80 €
Image galleries management Image galleries management ?109.00 €130.80 €
Banner gallery Banner gallery ?59.00 €70.80 €
Automated watermark Automated watermark ?159.00 €190.80 €

E-shop and product catalogue tools without VAT with VAT
Product catalogue Product catalogue ?349.00 €418.80 €
Related products Related products ?69.00 €82.80 €
Search in products Search in products ?129.00 €154.80 €
Shopping cart Shopping cart ?239.00 €286.80 €
Orders Orders ?219.00 €262.80 €
Discount coupons Discount coupons ?219.00 €262.80 €
Online payment Online payment ?109.00 €130.80 €
E-shop = catalogue + cart + order E-shop = catalogue + cart + order ?749.00 €898.80 €
Language version on e-commerce web Language version on e-commerce web ?749.00 €898.80 €
Connection with POHODA system Connection with POHODA system ?269.00 €322.80 €
Connection with REMAX system Connection with REMAX system ?129.00 €154.80 €

Manage your users and their experience without VAT with VAT
User registration User registration ?189.00 €226.80 €
Social sign-in Social sign-in ?179.00 €214.80 €
Client zone / Private zone Client zone / Private zone ?129.00 €154.80 €

Stay in touch with your customers without VAT with VAT
Form Form ?49.00 €58.80 €
Polls Polls ?109.00 €130.80 €
Recommend website Recommend website ?69.00 €82.80 €

Website control elements without VAT with VAT
Language version on non e-commerce web Language version on non e-commerce web ?129.00 €154.80 €
Full-text search Full-text search ?49.00 €58.80 €
Sitemap Sitemap ?49.00 €58.80 €
Breadcrumb trail Breadcrumb trail ?49.00 €58.80 €

Display specific content without VAT with VAT
References References ?59.00 €70.80 €
Calendar Calendar ?89.00 €106.80 €
Contracts, invoices, orders Contracts, invoices, orders ?349.00 €418.80 €
Brochure View Brochure View ?89.00 €106.80 €

The price for modules includes the costs of implementing the module – you won't have to pay for the module and the work separately.

Check out the webhosting prices on our servers as well. Our webhosting service naturally includes the access information to AlejTech CMS and a detailed user statistics of your website.

We offer you a wide range of services for your future website.

Your selected modules are worth:
0,00 without VAT
0,00 € with VAT

You can send us your current selection and we will contact you back:

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Ask us what we can do for you.
We‘ll be happy to provide you with a quote for all your web-based projects.

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