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E-mail Hosting

Our e-mail hosting service allows you to store, send and recieve e-mails via our mailserver. Your own e-mail accounts with your company domain name (e.g. yourname@company.eu) are included in this service.

You can use an online based mail service via a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome) similarily to other web based mail services or you can use your local e-mail client in your compuer (Outlook Express, Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.).

We offer three options of mailhosting services:

Available space
E-mail accounts
Number of aliases Price per month
Alfa 10 GB 100 100  3,32 €
Beta 30 GB
250 unlimited
 6,64 €
Gama unlimited unlimited  unlimited  13,28 €

Prices are without VAT.

Please specify the following details at your order:
  • service type (Alfa, Beta or Gama)
  • e-mail address form (e.g. your.name@company.eu, office@company.eu)
  • form of aliases (e.g. m.name@company.eu)
  • full account name (e.g. Name Surname, Company Name)

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