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Intranets and CRM

Our extensive experience with intranets and customer relation managing systems delivers enhanced productivity to companies worldwide. Employ our complex software solution Sito CRM and provide substantial improvement of internal and external processes throughout your business.

Share data and information with your employees, partners and customers of varied user permissions. Set tasks, follow their completion with worksheets, manage invoices, payments and documents. Connect your Sito CRM into social networks and receive new business contacts and current feeds.

Our software solutions will grant you an effective system to manage your company, be it a small business or a large organization.

Sito CRM

Sito CRM is an ideal platform for an efficient management of your company. Communicate with customers via Sito CRM. Includes an extensive network solutions to deal with project development, sales, services, billing, financial indicators, communication with employees and partners and complete customer care.

AlejTech CRM

AlejTech Intranet

If you need a custom intranet solution, we will analyze your needs and create a system just for you. Management of your internal processes and information flows will be a breeze. Comfortably assign tasks to employees, monitor performance, create projects, share documents, create invoices, generate statistics, reports and more.

AlejTech Intranet

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