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Mobile Apps Development

We develop mobile apps to suit your needs, offering a wide spectrum of solutions - whether for industry, administration or marketing and entertainment.

Use mobile apps to interact with your customers where ever they are, to share data among your employees or fans, to collect technical or backstage data in the field or for marketing purposes (contests and promos).


Utilize mobile communication to connect your devices with intranets or customer management systems. Our online business apps allow you to access a mobile version of the company intranet anywhere.

Lasting data is provided by GPS and location services or interconnecting your apps with social networks.

Mobile apps use all the properties of current top devices:

  • smaller or bigger then usual screens
  • custom databases
  • online and offline working mode
  • synchronizing with information and managing systems
  • crypting
  • using GPS data

Our native mobile apps are created for devices using iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android or Windows Phone.

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