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Webdesign and Web Development

We specialize in creating websites in our own AlejTech CMS website management system, which allows our customers a clear and easy to manage and update their websites.

We also offer web site redesign – redesigning your existing website in AlejTech CMS will allow you to manage your content in a very convenient manner.

We create websites that comply with all the standards of modern webdesign:

tick we create websites that conform with Accessibility and Usability standards
all standard web browsers work well with our websites (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome,..)
tick we cooperate with our clients extensively in creating website content and information architecture, offering advice on Search Engine Optimization and getting the best possible search results
AlejTech CMS is our own lasting software solution, it evolves constantly and new options and modules can be developed and added by request
our attention for your website doesn‘t stop after the site is finished — we check your site for validity regularily, if you happen to edit your site incorrectly, we will find out and correct the mishap
tick we take care of your SEO Search Engine Optimization — get the best results for keyword searches
tick Accesibility and Usability are our priorities; we make websites that are legible and accesible in browsers without images, Javascript, Flash or CSS

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